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Sometimes, people who we love a lot decide that it is time to live in their star but they do not stop being with us. The protagonist of this story knows that her grandfather lives his a star, that’s why it shines so brightly, and imagine the joy that her mother will feel if she could climb a ladder to hug her father, or the possibility that some day, when she passes away  granddaddy  makes a place in his star and that way they could enjoy the time they were not together on Earth. She likes to look at the stars and imagine who can live in them. And she never forgets every night to look at the brightest star, to give her grandpa a good night.

Each family, each person has their beliefs, but nobody knows what happens after death. Our children, as they grow older, will understand it differently and each one will accept it according to the path he or she takes. I want to leave a margin for each family to transmit the book according to their ideologies.



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